Overseas Manufacturing, Engineering and Management Made Right

Our ownership came from the buying side of the table to build a logical solution to your overseas needs. An instant scalable infrastructure that eliminates the concerns normally associated with engineering and manufacturing overseas. We don’t represent or broker factories. We work for you – a teammate paid by you – not the factories. We’re not a trading company. We have 35+ in-house Engineers and Project Managers overseas managing our 150+ contract manufacturing facilities.

We’ll introduce you to a new global infrastructure of engineering, manufacturing and managing your complex production one component at a time. Via our Buying Group you’ll be working with our 150+ audited, approved and on-going inspected contract manufacturing factories to deliver the most expert products and efficient results. By working on your behalf, our Buying Group puts the leverage back in your hands. Factories are responsible to multiple clients delivering price, service and reliability while you gain flexibility and our IP protection strategies. Examples of a few of our services include Value-Add Engineering, Project and Quality Management, Manufacturability Reviews and of course, Manufacturing. We’re instant overseas infrastructure accelerating and augmenting your complex product manufacturing and development.

OPS – Globally Executed, Locally Served.

Overseas Manufacturing