Gain control of your shipping costs and logistics operations with LEI Partners

Logistics strategy and planning has moved from the dock-floor to the boardroom. Market uncertainties and competition are forcing companies to be lean, quick to market and tech progressive. From the simple to the most complex supply chains, today’s shippers need complete supply chain transparency and a single location to manage their logistics operations.

Transportation Management System

End-to-End Transportation Management System

From robust track and trace capabilities to real-time freight analytics, the GlobalTranz TMS system provides a ‘control tower’ view of your shipments across all modes of transportation.

Virtually Unlimited Capacity

Access Virtually Unlimited Capacity

With the GlobalTranz TMS for shippers, you gain immediate access to GlobalTranz’s network of 85,000+ highly qualified truckload carriers and 65+ local, regional, and national LTL carriers.

Logistics Partner

A Logistics Partner For The Long Haul

When you partner with us, you are backed by one of the largest transportation management and logistics technology leaders in North America.

Flexible and Smart Logistics Management In One Place

The GlobalTranz TMS empowers shippers to maximize productivity and streamline operations in one easy-to-use shipping platform. Our cloud-based interface allows shippers to rate and shop carriers across multiple modes, optimize routing, create shipping documents, track and tender, and manage the shipment lifecycle from creation through delivery.

As your needs grow, the GlobalTranz TMS grows with you, providing e-commerce and system integrations, freight claims management, advanced freight bill payment and audit, and carrier relationship management services to negotiate and maintain rates. From do-it-yourself to managed transportation solutions, our combination of experience and best-in-class TMS technology delivers the competitive advantage you need to propel your business forward.

Quote and Load Tender

Quote and Load Tender Across All Modes

Quote and tender shipments across all modes and geographies with greater ease and efficiency from anywhere at anytime with our TMS system for shippers. Save presets and automate shipment creation from multi-leg delivery to single delivery.

Transportation Management System

Control Tower Planning & Visibility

Organize, view and process recent shipments, schedule for pickup, and out-for-delivery shipments to take the guess work out of load planning for greater productivity.

Carrier Network

Best-In-Class Carrier Network

Our transportation management software allows you to utilize a pre-qualified network of 85,000+ carriers. Add and manage compliance of new carriers, warehouses, lumpers and other vendors.

Tracking & Notifications

Real-time Tracking & Notifications

Track all your loads from booking to invoice, in real-time. Integrate all forms of 3rd party tracking in one place.

Document Management

Centralized Document Management

Save time and productivity to access freight quotes, bills of lading, invoices, and shipping labels all within the same TMS system.

Freight Management

Inbound & Vendor Freight Management

Control shipping costs by scheduling inbound and vendor freight that follows your routing guide procedures.

Freight Audit & Payment

Automated Freight Audit & Payment

Reduce overcharges and simplify freight bill settlement and audit processes with advanced automation configured to your business rules.

Freight Claims Management

Central Freight Claims Management

Easily manage all your claims and rebilling centrally online with our transport management system.

Custom Workflow Management

Custom Workflow Management

Enhance productivity and drive profitability with machine learning and automation.

Document Management

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboard to discover actionable business efficiencies and insights.

LTL Ecommerce Integration

LTL Ecommerce Integration

Integrate GlobalTranz freight rates with popular ecommerce shopping carts to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Integration Solutions

Scalable Integration Solutions

GlobalTranz adapts to your business needs by seamlessly integrating into your daily operations by connecting to your enterprise ERP and WMS systems.

Discover Your Competitive Advantage with LEI Partners

GlobalTranz TMS for shippers puts YOU in control!

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Our customizable transportation management system (TMS) provides visibility to all your shipments, rates, reporting and business intelligence to inform decision making.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Utilize our technology and expert teams to automate your processes and discover consolidation opportunities.

Reduce Freight Costs

Reduce Freight Costs

Access our network of 85,000+ carriers to serve your needs for competitive pricing, quality service and supply chain efficiencies.

Control Risk

Control Risk

We’ve created a carrier qualification process to ensure only the best carriers are moving your freight.