LEI Brings a Set of Comprehensive Solutions to Achieve Your Operational Excellence!

Operations and Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization:

  • Uncover hidden costs and drive reductions in wasteful spend.
  • Improve product quality and eliminate costly scrap and rework.
  • Identify bottlenecks in processes and improve flow of material and information.
  • Reduce lead times and improve inventory turns.
  • Implement sustainable operational and transactional process improvements.
  • Arm their associates with the knowledge and confidence to continuously improve processes.
  • Operate more efficiently and save money.

Demand and Inventory Planning:

  • Supply Planning, material sourcing, and procurement.
  • Contract manufacturing management and optimization.
  • Manufacturing process and quality improvement.
  • Logistics network planning and 3PL selection support.
  • Operating team management competency analysis and team development.
  • ERP, WMS, and Demand Planning systems evaluation.
  • Resource analysis and alignment.
  • Operational risk assessment and contingency planning.
  • Regulatory compliance, FDA, Import and Export compliance.

Service Scope

Our vast experience spans across various industries such as automotive, aerospace, computer hardware, consumer, industrial, construction, high tech, retail and in operations such as supply chain, logistics and manufacturing.

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