Carrier Update from LEI – 03/02/2023

Weather Updates:

  • Freeze protection services are active across the U.S. for points west and north of Texas up through Minnesota, New York through Maine, and Canada. Freezable freight should have protection added, which may result in additional charges and transit delays from carriers’ strategic rerouting of equipment to protect your freight from freezing temperatures.
  • A set of storms is sweeping across the U.S. bringing snow, ice and severe thunderstorms. Transit times will be most impacted by the snow and ice belts of the storm in the Midwest and Southwest regions.

LTL Updates:

  • Diesel prices decreased $0.082 to $4.294, up $.190 from one year ago. Prices declined in all 10 regions and California is the only region remaining over $5 at $5.357. Diesel has come down 24.5 cents over the past three weeks.
  • Saia added next-day lanes in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Ohio, which reduced transit times by one day. This change increased Saia’s next-day lanes to 435.

TL Updates:

  • Dry van demand decreased from last week to 2.31-1 LTR (load-to-truck ratio) with the heaviest demand still in MN, VT and WY at 5.5+ to 1 LTR. Dry van RPM (rate per mile) is down 12 cents from January to $2.26 RPM nationally with the Midwest having the highest RPM at $2.54.
  • Flatbed demand is down to 12.66-1 nationally, with demand highest at 18+ to 1 LTR in the states of AL, AR, LA, MD, ME, MN, MS, MT, NY, OR, SC, SD, VT, WV and WY. The national flatbed RPM is down 4 cents from January to $2.71 RPM with the Midwest having the highest RPM at $3.01.
  • Reefer demand is slightly down from last week to 3.42-1 LTR with the highest demand of 12+ to 1 LTR in DE, ND, ME and VT. National reefer rates are down 19 cents to $2.60 RPM from January and are highest in the Midwest at $3.08 RPM.
  • Over the past 4 weeks, the following markets have experienced the most tightening:
    • Van: Laredo, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; El Paso, TX and Augusta, ME.
    • Reefer: Joliet, IL; Columbia, SC; Fort Worth, TX and Eau Claire, WI.
  • Conversely, the following markets have experienced the most loosening:
    • Van: Nashville, TN; Greensboro, NC; Tifton, GA; Pittsburgh, PA and Seattle WA.
    • Reefer: Miami, FL; Bloomington, IL; Joplin, MO and Baltimore, MD.


  • AAA Cooper Transportation:
    • IB/OB Fort Myers and Orlando FL; Charleston, NC
  • A. Duie Pyle:
    • Weight restriction over 9,000 lbs., no more than 7 pallets
  • Averitt:
    • IB/OB Fort Myers and Tampa FL
  • Central Transport:
    • IB/OB Portland, OR; Central Point, OR; Everett, WA and Tacoma, WA
  • DHE (Dependable Highway Express):
    • No more than 6 pallets
  • Dohrn:
    • IB/OB MSP
  • N&M Transfer:
  • R&L:
    • No shipments over 8ft.
  • Roadrunner:
    • OB various CT and MA zips
  • SAIA:
    • No shipments over 15,000 lbs., 7+ skids
    • IB/OB SAC
    • IB/OB various zips in NM, IN, CA, WI, NV, ND, UT and FL
  • Southwest Motor Transport:
    • IB/OB Dallas, TX
    • IB/OB Tyler, TX
    • Any shipment over 7,500 lbs., and/or 6 pallets
  • Standard Forwarding:
    • IB/OB ANK terminal which is Iowa and some parts of Illinois